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KENYAN KIDS 2017- A medical outreach to the Children and Widows of Salem Ministries in Kisumu and Bondo, Kenya

Many of us have read or heard verses from the Bible that only come alive when we have somehow been called to jump out of our regular lives and do His work.  Found all through scripture, we read how God is the defender of orphans and widows.  In Psalms 68:5, it says he is a “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation”.  And James 1:27. ….to visit orphans and widows in their affliction”.  It’s not only visiting them when they are lonely, but about visiting them “in their affliction”.  Love is helping them where they need it (food, shelter, illness, caring. assistance, etc.). For a small group of local Colorado Springs friends, the medical outreach to Kisumu and Bondo is such an unlikely but unique call.


Michael and Phoebe’s story

As a missionary, Michael first met Phoebe with Salem ministries 20 years ago.  At the time, Salem Ministries was a 2 room house and Phoebe had taken in 15 orphans as a result of the HIV AIDS crisis in Kenya.  The room was surrounded with bunk beds and the school was held in the center of the room. Michael recalls taking her to a Barclays Banks to set up an account for the fledgling orphanage and school. Phoebe reminds him that he also took her to a store to buy cups and plates for the children; he doesn’t remember it, but she does.

Michael and his family and ministry began to support her and her work with the children. His work helped them by completing the well in front of the small home so they would have fresh drinking water for the orphans.  In nearby slums, people found out there was a budding school at the orphanage; they wanted to send their children as well.  And the schools begin to grow – now Salem School has around 1000 students. Watch the story of Phoebe and her work with the orphans and Salem school as well as the widows of Bondo.


Over the years, Michael, family, friends and ministries have supported the orphans.  They also helped to fund the construction of the high school, primary school and portion of the nursery school.

A few years ago, Phoebe (of unlimited energy and faith) acquired a farm about an hour and a half outside the city of Kisumu.  There, she also started a school for the orphans.  Now the new school has grown to over 200 students.

Nearby Bondo is also home to many widows because of HIV AIDS.  There, Michael and Phoebe started a program to help the widows help themselves by learning to grow corn. It has been tremendously successful and the widows can hardly carry all the corn they have produced. Many are grandmothers and widows; missing a generation of their children lost to AIDS.  Not surprisingly, many of the widows and almost all of the children at the orphanage have never seen a medical provider.


We need your help

The entire team has for many years donated and volunteered to make our community a great place to live.  Now, called to help Phoebe and the kids in Kisumu, the team needs your help to make it happen.  As a friend, family or community member, please consider donating any amount to help us provide this clinic.  Your gift is tax deductible through organizations we are working with for supplies, medications, additional native medical support and medications.  Our fundraising goals are modest but absolutely critical.

Our project name, Kenyan Kids 2017 needs to raise $1600 for 8 Project Cure packs, another $300-400 in supplies such as scales and basic instruments and disposables, about $2000 for salaries and travel for the Kenyan medical/security/translation staffers coming from Nairobi and approximately $500 for medications. Approximately $4500 total.

To donate directly for the Project Cure packs, go to this link.

Donate to Kenyan Kids 2017

You can also help out the team by giving to the “Orsillo Fund” on the “Joy to the World Foundation” website here. All donations will be acknowledged and receive a note of thanks from the team.  In addition, this site will let you know how the fundraising is going and offer a blog (whenever technically possible!!) from the Kenyan clinics so you can share in the mission!

Thanks in advance for your financial assistance, prayers and words of encouragement.

Matthew 25:40, NIV “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”